What are we growing?

As well as all the traditional crops, we grow things from all over the world.  Pumpkins and Callaloo are very popular with West Indians, while Italians love to grow artichokes and 'Cuccuzza' (Sicilian Snakes)  Bangladeshi plot holders have a very clever way of growing climbing squash Khadu (not sure of spelling) up a bamboo frame.

Here are some photos, more will be added as I take them.


  Rina and Ali with their Khadu.  They protect them with plastic bags once the weather gets colder.

I'm not really sure what kind of squash these are.  The seed was given to me by a plot holder from Mauritius.

Artichoke, an Italian favourite.

Tromba d'Albegna, another Italian squash

Callaloo is a type of spinach.  This plot holder lets some of it go to seed so he will have plenty of plants for next year.

Sicilian Snakes (Cuccuzza) This is a favourite with our Italian plot holders.  The tips of the shoots as well as the fruit are eaten.

This is a type of Indian spinach, growing on Lakbir's plot


Walsall Road Allotments

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