We love scarecrows at Walsall Road Allotments. 


 I am often asked how I make the faces for my scarecrows.  It is simple, but easier to see than to explain.

For a baby scarecrow I use one leg of a pair of tights.  For an adult, use the body part of the tights.

1. Fold the leg back on itself and knot the end

2. For stuffing I use polyester filling from clean pillows or cushions. 

3. Make a ball from a small piece of stuffing for the nose

4. Place it in position on the inside of the face

5. Fasten some strong cord around it and fasten

6. Fasten some cord around the neck

7. Place buttons for eyes in the correct position and sew them on by pushing the needle from the back of the head, through the button and then to the back of the head again.  Fasten securely

8. Make the mouth in the same way.  For this face I pushed the needle in from under the chin

To make a scarecrow face for an outdoor scarecrow push a stick inside the head at stage 6


2011 Scarecrow Competition


The winner, made by Trevor and Pauline, plot 30

Second, made by Shirley and Tony, plot 23B

Third, made by Di and Earl, plot 35

Fourth, made by Freda and Pete, plot 92A






Walsall Road Allotments

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