Before you apply for a plot


Please consider these questions:-

1. Do you have the time? Looking after an allotment can be hard work and time consuming. You might have friends or family who could help you.

2. Is the allotment near where you live? If it is far away you may not feel like popping in to do a bit of work when you have the odd hour or two.

3. Do you have the energy? Your plot may be overgrown when you take it on and it can be hard work clearing it. 

4. Have you got the commitment? It may take nine months to grow vegetables. Will you be around to water it, weed it or harvest it over the summer or do you go away for weeks at a time. Weeds don't take holidays!

Still interested?

If you think you would like to have a plot at Walsall Road Allotments we ask you to visit us first.  Please email me, Betty at and I will arrange a time for you to visit. Alternatively, come along on a Sunday morning at about 11:00 and I will be happy to show you around.

We currently (June 2017) have 71 full-size plots, 52 half-plots and 8 quarter-size plots. All plots are taken and there is a waiting-list.



Walsall Road Allotments

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