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Posted by Linda Jenkins on 28/02/2019   Email

Interesting and informative website

Posted by Betty Farruggia on 11/02/2019   Email

We are considering a petition and we will let you know. Thank you for your interest.

Posted by Andrew Poyner on 11/02/2019

Is there a petition to 'Save Walsall Road allotments' in light of the proposed closure due to the Commonwealth Games?

Posted by Sue Meehan on 19/06/2017   Email

Looks good. I do maintain website for local council. I would try to keep stuff in the lefthand margin up to date if you can. Brilliant otherwise. I would like one for our allotments in Buntingford.cheers Sue

Posted by Anthony Coleman on 15/02/2017   Email

A great website and really great people. I miss you lots and will visit you in the spring.

Posted by elaine wilson on 25/05/2016

Brlliant site, hope you don't mind going to take some ideas for our Allotment web site in scotland.

Posted by Diane on 28/03/2015   Email

could you please put bonfire times in the If you are new section please... I keep forgetting the times...

Posted by Maarcia Brown on 26/09/2013   Email

I looked up how to make a scarecrow and your site popped up. It's brilliant, I love the way you have mentioned the plot owners. I was born in Wolverhampton so I found your site very emotional , I now live in Aberdeenshire . Keep up the good work and I will make a scarecrow head using your method - it's good. Thanks .

Posted by sue Davies on 07/08/2013   Email

I think your site is wonderful and informative. I particularly like ur pics of allotment holders. I am english and my husband is bangladeshi. We live in Oswestry, shropshire and grow alot of exotic crops. We come down to Birmingham regularly and would love to visit you

Posted by Ian Hubbard on 26/06/2013   Email

Brilliant website, bursting with concise information about your great community

Posted by mark hunter on 19/03/2013   Email

Still one of the best allotment web sites on the net and kept up to date. We here at londonderry allotments still meen to come see you. Last year was a bit of a wash out and we had a few problems having to form a new committee. That's all behind us now and we should be able to come and pinch a few of your ideas along with a couple of your super scare crows lol

Posted by Hayley on 07/03/2013

Fantastic web site and truly inspiring. I live in a village in Worcs where we are struggling to get people to fill our allotments believe it or not! You have given me lots of inspirartion !!!

Posted by nicola lloyd on 10/09/2012   Email

Hi i would just like to say how fantastic your website is and that im looking for someone to do a similar one for me would it be possible if you could send details of the person who has done such a spendid job. much appreciated it looks a lovely place and the people look like they enjoying being there, keep up the good work, best wishes nici...

Posted by Ron Bishton on 10/08/2012

Hi betty, thanks to you and your commitee for the wonderfull play that was performed at the allotments last night (09/08/20120 it was realy very professionatly done. I thouht the acting and singing from the cast was inspiring and we also had a good laugh and a sing song...Brilliant night..Ron.

Posted by John on 17/07/2012

Hi,looks like you all have a happy little community going on down there. Hope its not too wet for you all.

Posted by Ron Bishton on 10/07/2012

Hi Betty, loving the new look site. I was just looking at a site all about Chillies (thechiliking.com) and they even put Chili recepies on there .I'm thinking of buying some healthy plants at the end of summer (LOL) and over wintering them and making the Chili preserve listed on the site.Might be nice to have a family recipe section on your site? to give uses for the produce grown. Ron.

Posted by garry kelly on 08/04/2012   Email

what a really good allotment site you have..just lovey.gate web site to.

Posted by sajad on 22/12/2011

thank you for nice site.

Posted by simon patel on 26/10/2011   Email

hi i carve 3d pumpkins and would love to get my hands on a monster if you can help please contact me by e mail. thanks.

Posted by Gary on 24/10/2011   Email

while rest of country have long waiting lists for plots, here in Walsall south we have around 100 derelict, 30x10yd plots within a 5min walk of each other,run by a committee only interested in the sites they have plots on.I only hope our new council rep will help me save theese plots from being sold off, which seems to be the committees answer to the problem.

Posted by Gary on 30/07/2011   Email

I loved your website,its very good.Id like to do same for the 33 plots I manage, but the committee voted against all proposals to clear some of the 30 vacant plots and against installing a new water supply.But if anyone wants to rent an overgrown plot on a site with no water and little security,call me,Ive got 30 to let.But be warned,its not a pretty site...Gary 07796304183.site in AlexandraRd,Palfrey Walsall.Thanx.

Posted by gary on 16/07/2011

while rest of country on waiting list,as i type i have several to let.unfortunately the water supply finaly died and comitee voted against development inc the water supply.Instead existing tenants can have plots rent free and supply own water.New tennants told no water,no security,but if they stil want plot 2nd year free.

Posted by paul wright on 13/07/2011   Email

Hi I am looking to in the near future to open a new kind of cafe restaurant business which will be a Social Enterprise in the Walsall area and am at the moment exploring the feasabilty of buying and using produce in the shop that has been sourced and grown locally by people such as yourselves.The meat I am getting from producers within forty miles of Walsall.I am not sure if this is something your members would be interested in, as I said I am trying to find out if this would be feasable. If it worked sucessfully I may at a future date allow produce to be sold directly from the shop. The sort of items i would be interested in would be onions, tomatoes, garlic, peppers etc. If the outcome of this enquiry is positive I would like the opportunity to come along to yourselves to discuss this further.

Posted by Michael Stokes on 18/04/2011   Email

as usual, fantastic ,both sites that is

Posted by Jane Sargeant on 19/03/2011   Email

I am so in awe of your wonderful site & the great fun you seem to have, it makes me want to move so I can go on your waiting list (I live in Kent!). I have an allotment but it is on a tiny site, just 10 plots & most of the time you find yourself working there alone so there is no real sense of community. Your website is really colourful & it really makes me smile. Thank you xjane

Posted by mark hunter on 18/03/2011   Email

Great web site very informative and superb look and feel.KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK

Posted by Caroll Beckman on 08/01/2011

Great website - I shall try to model ours on yours.

Posted by Aarre Kontkanen on 24/12/2010   Email

Terveiset täältä Kokkolasta. Olemme juuri koristelleet Joulukuusen Hauskaa ja rauhaisaa Joulua

Posted by Aarre Kontkanen on 24/12/2010   Email

Terveiset täältä Kokkolasta. Olemme juuri koristelleet Joulukuusen Hauskaa ja rauhaisaa Joulua

Posted by Keith on 31/10/2010   Email

Greetings from Essex! Your site looks good, both soil and web! Currently trying to get our own site up and running again, so if you would like to take a look at what goes on at a smaller level, visit gaynesparkaga.btck.co.uk

Posted by Petra Suckling on 11/10/2010

Visited your allotments today. Great site. Everybody was so friendly and welcoming. The pumpkin weighing was something else and this year's heaviest pumpkin even defeated the scales. It was so big that four men had to heave it onto the scales. The scarecrows are brilliant. Lovely site, lovely people! Thank you for a great visit.

Posted by geraldine corbett on 02/10/2010   Email

hi just had a look at your site it looks lovely i love the scarcrows it look like you all get very well .by for now happy gardening x x x

Posted by simon jones on 28/08/2010   Email

Hi just about to go live with our allotments next week here in Bodelwyddan North Wales! your site is amazing ! it has given loads of ideas,for our web site and plots keep up the good work ! keep digging ! i would love to come and see your site in the future regards SIMON Sec Bodelwyddan Allotments Association

Posted by Jean on 16/08/2010

Lovely to meet some of you at your Summer Fayre on Saturday. Really impressed with everything, and the good cause. Enjoyed having a look around at your plots too - can take some good ideas back to Walkers Heath Allotments.

Posted by alan Beard on 14/08/2010   Email

Hi, Hope you have a great day today. Acle Allotments,East of Norwich are also having their Annual Open Day today. The weather in this part of the world is for RAIN. Hope it does stay nice for both you and Acle.

Posted by Michael Stokes on 13/08/2010   Email

Just found out you have to scroll down to get information.Good luck for Saturday

Posted by Michael Stokes on 13/08/2010   Email

Have tried your nrw site and cannot get it.I used to love looking at it.

Posted by Chrissie on 29/07/2010

Well done Betty ,the new site looks great and very infomative for us new comers.Brilliant stuff

Posted by carl Tovey on 26/07/2010   Email

The new site is great

Posted by Freda and Pete Robertson on 23/07/2010   Email

Think the site is lovely - lots of time and thought gone into it. The photographs are very good and would like to say thankyou for the hard work.

Posted by gordonsveg on 18/07/2010

great website everything nice and clear and easy to follow,and the plotholders look pretty great as well.Well done.

Posted by Jeannine on 18/07/2010

Your lottie and it's facilities are oustanding. The sense of community spirit I felt while looking at your web page is something you should be very proud of, in fact the whole package is one which most communities should envy.From start to finish it portrays a professional approach to your allotment while at the same time if offers a genuine welcome that say's come in and join us. Well done to you all.XX Jeannine

Posted by Lucy on 16/07/2010

What a wonderful place your allotment site is. So many smiling people, such great facilities, well done for your hard work.

Posted by Lucy on 16/07/2010

What a wonderful place your allotment site is. So many smiling people, such great facilities, well done for your hard work.

Posted by Cornykev on 16/07/2010

It looks great Betty,a great bunch of friends it looks like you've got there. A4A

Posted by David Kenyon on 12/07/2010

Great site well worth a visit... our site is in the Derbyshire NGS (Yellow Book) but your should be too !! Saddad from A4A. Littleoverlaneallotments.org.uk

Posted by Simon Kirby on 12/07/2010

Those happy faces tell a story Betty, it's a lovely site site you have there, a real community.

Posted by Dave Corrigan on 12/07/2010

Its inspirational. The pictures are so full of colour and reflect the diversity of your plotholders. I would feel very welcome and comfortable if I was applying for a plot with you. Best wishes to you all. Dave.

Posted by Duke Ellington on 12/07/2010

Duke here from Allotments 4 All the new web site looks fab!!

Posted by Tony on 12/07/2010

you must have too much time on your hands!! well done Betty.

Posted by Deb P on 12/07/2010

Your site is wonderful, such a diversity of people and allotment styles. The website really shows them off to their best advantage, if fact it has given me a few ideas for our own.....!


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